Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Entering the Blogosphere

Welcome to my blog! Specifically, welcome to Emergiblog! Initially envisioned as a place for ventilating, commiserating and celebrating with other ED nurses, it has evolved into a forum for anyone who has ever been in an emergency room, on either side of the gurney.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include "Emergency Room Etiquette", "The Top Ten Ways to NOT Get Seen Immediately", or "Privacy Privations: How to Cover Your Rear When the Gown Opens in the Back". And we've all met one of these: "Emergency Nurses From Hell: How to Alienate Your Patient on Contact". Another topic could be " 'I've Been Waiting for Hours': The Effect of the Emergency Department on the Space-Time Continuum
". This is only the beginning!

The existence of this blog can be directly attributed to radio talk show host and "Godfather of the Blogosphere" Hugh Hewitt. His enthusiasm for blogging is contagious. Through Hugh's site I discovered newspaper columnist James Lileks whose daily "Bleat" proves that everyday life can make for an engaging read. If I write one fraction as well as he does, I'll be a happy blogger.

Please, please feel free to add your comments to any topic. There are a million stories in the emergency universe. I have a few and yours are probably better so dive on in!


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